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Exosome Hair Therapy: EX-H Shot

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Exosomes For Hair Restoration

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We specialize in non-surgical hair restoration by offering exosomes derived from Dermal Stem Cells. The EX-H Shot is a proprietary product that has a vast array of regenerative components including exosomes, growth factors, micro RNA and more which may help to restore hair growth. This procedure may potentially stimulate the regeneration of new hair growth.

New Standard of Hair Loss Therapy

How It Works

Using EX-H Shot dermal fibroblast exosomes and growth factors as a treatment for hair loss has shown prominent hair growth results in both men and women. It’s highly recommended for those who are too young for hair transplant surgery and for those within the earlier stages of the hair loss cycle.
EX-H Shot Exosome Hair Therapy may begin promoting natural hair growth in as little as two to three months.

New hair growth can continue over the course of a year, with the most noticeable results usually being seen six months after treatment has been administered. The new hair growth can provide patients with natural, thicker and fuller results. The EX-H Shot and PRP are often combined together to gain even more profound results

Why Us

Advantages of Using Exosomes For Hair Restoration

Why Exosomes?

– Isolating the beneficial signals given out by stem cells and using them, rather than the stem cells themselves, is the next generation of therapy.
– Other cells will react to these messaging signals and will change their behavior accordingly. There is a tremendous therapeutic potential for extracellular vesicles, particularly exosomes.
– EX-H Shot exosomes are derived from dermal stem cells.


A century of history has been documented with no reported recipient rejections because the amniotic tissue does no express HLA type antigens. In fact, there is a significant body of peer-reviewed literature documenting anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumorigenic characteristics. Additionally, the literature demonstrates up-regulation of healthy, strong tissue regeneration.

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What's The Process?

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Treatment Plan

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Most patients will undergo 2-3 stem cell treatments, 30 days apart.

Customer Reviews

What our customers are saying...

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These guys are great! I’ve tried so many things in the past for hair loss and decided to finally give these guys a shot. I couldn’t be more happy with the results! Amazing!

Travis J.

Travis J.


This company has been such a blessing for my hair. I have been using them forever. There are so many products that don't work out there. It's been so nice to find something that has gotten me great results for thicker, fuller hair.

Gordon C.

Gordon C.


Staff is amazing and extremely helpful. Very professional and organized with helpful treatment plans, I have received stem cell injections from them 3 times now and have always had a pleasurable experience.

Kody B.

Kody B.



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